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The Native Plant Nursery LLC
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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The plants we grow are native Michigan species from Michigan sources. We grow most of our plants from local, wild collected seed. This not only helps preserve regional genetic diversity, but results in plants well-suited to the climate and soils of Michigan. We grow a wide selection of native perennials for a variety of habitats; from wet to dry, sun to shade.
*please note: The Native Plant Nursery is closed until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Plant Lists:
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Grasses, Sedges, Bulrushes
You can search our plant list choosing sun or shade, wet or dry, or search by flower color, bloom time, height, etc... You can also expand the search to list all Michigan native plants.
Trees and Shrubs

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Prices / Sizes

Most of our perennial wildflowers and grasses follow a standard pricing and are available in 2 sizes; plugs & quarts. Plug-size plants are grown in cardboard containers 1.5x1.5x6 inches deep. Quart-size containers are 3x3x6 inches deep. Woody plants are typically offered in 1-gallon-size container or quart-size. Standard prices and sizes below reflect most species we offer, but there are some exceptions. check our Plant List for more specifics.